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We purchased and named Tullamore Farm in April 2014. Our journey to living a healthier lifestyle started long before this but the purchase really made us so much more conscious  of the need to be self-sufficient food-wise.

We only use about 15 acres of the 306 acres which encompass Tullamore Farm. The longer we own Tullamore Farm the more we appreciate the wildlife and the need to protect the Sanctuary which makes up the bulk of the property.

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What is Tullamore Farm About?

Watch this six-minute video for more background on Tullamore Farm.

Tullamore Farm is set in the beautiful Kerry Valley, an inspiring 15 minute drive from Beaudesert.  Tullamore Farm is a 306 acre (140 hectare) property and most of this is steep hilly country with a resonable timber covering. Less than 15 acres is fenced and in use by ourselves and our horses with the remainder being a Nature Sanctuary. We have a large Koala population and regularly see Joeys. We have a resident pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles who regularly make an appearance during Farm Tours and Workshops. Their story is remarkable. We have too much other wildlife to list but amongst our favourites are the Phascogales, Squirrel Gliders and the vulnerable Glossy Black Cockatoos.

The plan was always to grow our own fresh organic produce and to become as self-sufficient  as possible.We are always striving to improve and add to all aspects of what we are doing here. With 6 vegetable gardens and around 500 fruit trees and vines, we are now self-sufficient fruit and vegetable wise and sell some of our surplus produce to regular customers. This regular customer base will grow as more of our fruit trees move into production. We havearound 120 different types of fruit trees growing including around 30 Bush Tucker.

We have our organic certification and to date we have harvested around 90 different types of fruit and vegetables, with more adding to that number in the near future. We produce our own Compost and Biomass in significant quantities and we are moving closer to a closed loop system.

Our prior backgrounds have made the step to Entertain, Educate and Inspire others, a natural progression and it is something we enjoy immensely. This will continue to grow rapidly with our ongoing expansion and building to accommodate this.

We run regular tours of the property and run workshops on many aspects of Fruit and Vegetable production plus many related activities. 


Tours & Workshops

We run Workshops and Tours on a very regular basis. Please check all the upcoming Workshops and Tours in the “Visit Our Farm” section or send us a message.

We also do personalised and specialised Tours and Workshops to suit specific requirements. You may also inquire about running your own workshops here at Tullamore Farm.

Contact us:  Tullamore Farm  |  Beaudesert, Queensland  |  Phone: 0407 516 220  |  Email: billosull@gmail.com  

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