About Us

How We Got Started

Bill & Carol grew up west of Brisbane in the city of Ipswich. Bill grew up with Fruit & Vegetables. His father, along with his Uncles owned Fruit and Vegetable shops in Ipswich and they always had an eye for produce.

After a work accident Bills father was invalided and as a pensioner always grew the families vegetables. From a very young age Bills, weekly chores included watering, weeding and learning about the produce his family ate.

When Bill and Carol purchased Tullamore Farm in the Kerry Valley in April 2014, the plan was always to grow their own fresh organic produce and to become as self-sufficient as possible. This started from almost scratch.

The farm now has Six vegetable Garden Beds, over 500 fruit trees and vines with around 125 different varieties. Bill and Carol are self-sufficient and have regular customers buying the surplus. That grows as more and more fruit trees come into production.

The property continues to evolve and become more productive. What started as just the requirements for the family has grown and with a small team of casuals and volunteers will continue to do so.

Our Mission

Is to educate and empower those who visit with knowledge and skills to grow more of their own food in a healthy, sustainable manner. We always tell all attendees this is not the only way, but it is the way we do it here at Tullamore Farm.

We began sharing our journey on Facebook initially with friends and family members but it has grown significantly since establishing the Tullamore Farm page on Facebook in March 2020 and then adding this Website.  With a history of educating and writing columns, the leap to running Tours of the Farm and Workshops in many areas of produce production was quick and easy. 

It really started to fire by accident when commenting on a post in a Facebook group I could sense the frustration of the gent who was moving to semi-retirement. I offered to allow him to come for a short visit to Tullamore Farm to get a few ideas. The admin for the group spotted the comments and asked if she could visit also. At the end of the visit, the Admin asked if we would open up for a Tour (ended up being 4) and in the fourth tour of that group, we had 2 Admins from another group who wanted to bring their groups. It keeps growing.  

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