Saturday 5th March – How do Chickens fit in your Growing Journey


Spend Time learning about Heritage Poultry breeds as well as some of the modern hybrids such as Isa Browns, which have been bred to lay more eggs but over a much shorter laying time-frame. Join long term poultry breeder Viv, as we find out more about the advantages and disadvantages between new and old breeds. Most importantly, which type best suits you, and how many should you have?

We will provide options and contact information on how to access many of these breeds locally, once you have decided which one is for you. We will spend time with a range of chickens, discussing things like “Can they be pets as well as healthy egg providers”. We will sample some free-range eggs from our Organic Farm. Can you tell the difference?

We will spend time on possible housing options that don’t cost the earth, and cover basics in nutrition and health needs. See how easy it is to allow them to graze.

We discuss how even two or three chickens can provide great inputs for the compost bin plus reduce your household waste!

Where can you save money on feed plus provide an even healthier diet for them. We will answer questions on many aspects and a positive group environment is guaranteed. Bring all your questions and ideas as we get together to talk chooks.

This is a Three  to Four Hour Workshop.

Date of workshop:   Saturday the 5th March    Start 8.30am
Location: TULLAMORE FARM – Duck Creek Rd, Kerry
Contact Bill on 0407 516 220 for more information or email to: 
Outlay: $48 – Maximum of 24 attendees.