Interested in becoming a volunteer? 

We have had many Volunteers join us for numerous reasons over the years.  

 Some join us each week on a set day and time and enjoy the fresh air and activity. We always ensure they go home with some of our fresh produce. 

Others will do a more intensive set time frame looking to improve their growing skills and learn some of the techniques we employ. With several long term staff members, we can provide enough training and depth of knowledge to ensure ourselves and the volunteers benefit. 

Our Volunteer programs are flexible and tailored to suit a diverse variety of needs. They bring together the like-minded to have fun and get your hands into the soil. Lots of enjoyment and knowledge to be gained. 

Call Bill on 0407516220 or email billosull@gmail.com  and we can have a chat. 

farm volunteer, fruit picking, farm worker

Meet Joan!

Joan is one of our amazing long term Volunteers. She is an Octogenarian and  loves working in our vegetable gardens, helping with propagation in the Nursery. She brightens the team’s week having her here. We send her home with eggs and some of our fresh produce.

Farm worker, fruit picking, volunteer, grow your own produce

Meet Steve!

Steve, partner Kelly and their 2 children made a major life change in December of 2021. Steve gave away his 12 year position in Civil Construction to spend more time on their 3 acre property outside of Beaudesert. Steve and Kelly had been adding fruit trees, vegetables, chooks, etc to be growing more of their own healthy food.
At the same time Steve and Kelly attended a Farm Tour and other workshops here at Tullamore Farm looking for more ideas and knowledge to improve their produce and enhance future life decisions.
Steve also started volunteering here one day a week on an agreed arrangement that suited himself and Tullamore Farm.
Steve and Kelly had a desire that this change of lifestyle suited them on so many levels and Steve would need to change direction to avoid returning to his prior employment.
The team here at Tullamore farm were confident in Steve’s work ethic and ability and have been able to link him with some of our other regular attendees here and he is now assisting with 4 other local properties helping them to achieve their fruit and vegetable goals and establishing their own little patches of paradise. Steve and family are winning and so are the others he is now assisting. He is quite adamant he is so much happier and never going back to his old employment.

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